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Children's Services

Halton Play Children's Services run various play settings throughout Halton with our two main services being R Club Short Break Services for children with Special Educational Needs and our School Holiday Playschemes.

R Club Short Breaks

These sessions are run at various locations across Halton on Saturdays to provide a short break for families with  Children who have Special Educational Needs. They also a safe, secure setting in which to develop their personal & social skills with their peers. Children who attend these settings are referred by Halton Borough Council's Children's Disability Team.

Holiday Playschemes

Holiday Playschemes are Open Access Playschemes which any child aged between 5 to 12 years from Halton can attend. These offer fun, safe activities in a secure environment with the  opportunity to build new friendships. They are high value sessions for little cost during the School Holidays. Follow @haltonplayservices for updates on when and where Playschemes will be held near you.

You can keep up to date with our Children's Services via the Facebook Page @haltonplayservices

Contact Katie Howard with any queries or 01928 574087

See what services Halton can offer you at

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